Ostrich Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Ostrich Meat now only at Rs 445 per half kg. Enjoy Delicious taste with great health.

Proper development

Iron helps blood supply with oxygen to baby
Protein helps organs development

Helps brain development

Makes your bones stronger

Reduces anxiety level

Magnesium helps with menstrual problem & Vitamins help reduce depression level

Be Nepali, Buy Nepali
अनुपम स्वद्, उत्कृष्टता को अबश
स्वाद पनि स्वास्थ्य पनि


With a very new concept of launching varieties of Ostrich product to the Nepalese market.


Our Farm is located at Gangoliya-1, Mudhari, Rupandehi covering the land of Twenty two (22) Bigha (8.81 Acers) and in Suryapur, Rupandehi covering a very big mass of land of one hundred and fifty(150) Bigha ( 60 Acers) Rupandehi has started the farming with an initial investment of Rs 300 milion. With the increasing demand of the farmers, this farm has also established itself in Bijauri, Dang where parents Ostrich are kept covering a total farm land of altogether 50 Bigha ( 20 Acers).